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In most cases, that half of the square footage on your property is reserved to parking for your employees, customers, and visitors.   It is essential to maintain your investment by keeping your parking lot organized with extremely
visible parking stalls to your employees, customers, and visitors.


In doing so you will maintain a pleasing aesthetic to your clients. You will also help on preventing unnecessary hazards by directing traffic around your parking facility , keeping  your parking lot stripes well defined such as pedestrian crosswalks, stop bars, stop legends, parking stalls, numbered parking stalls, disabled parking, loading zone areas, arrows, red fire-lane curbs, visitor loading zones, 
and no parking zones.


Your parking lot is one of the first things your clients and visitors will notice.   In keeping your parking facility well visually defined indicates that the property owner emphasizes consistent maintenance, up to codes, and a safe environment to drive in.


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I am newly DBE certified and licensed by the Contractor State License Board and hold a C32 license # 957588. As a small business owner and startup company I bring my expertise and 12 years of experience to my clients. My customers include large to small general contractors and builders, private business owners and property management companies.


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